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Here you will find a list of Software you can use to enhance and improve your D&D gamming experience, I’ll skip WoTC character builder, Adventures Tools and Compendium because, i mean… really?

For DMs:

Obsidian Portal: Its an online platform designed to help you run and organize your table top Role-playing game. Build campaigns, tools, tips, and a extensive gamer community, Obsidian portal has it all. It supports over 100 game systems so you could use it even in between D&D sessions ;) . The best part? this amazing tool is free! just sitting there waiting for you to take it and improve your game.

DnD4e Combat Manager: This simple yet elegant tool provides DMs with the following features: Compatibility with WoTC Monster Builder and Character Builder, view of full stat-blocks for every combatant on the main screen, save library of every monster/pc to speed preparation, load and save encounter rosters, tracks: initiative order, hit points (including temporary), power expenditure (including recharge rolls) lingering effects and saving throws!!!! one word: awesome. another word: free. Two words? Free Awesomeness.

Gametable: this great program will help you run an online D&D game, pure and simple, it runs on java so its a broad corss-platform software and is incredibly easy to learn how to use it, it comes with pre-installed image set enabling immediate creation of custom content. Amongst the features included are: Dice rolling, dice macros, rulers, tiles and avatars, simple drawing tools and simple card and deck support. Did i mention it was free? well it is.

For Players:

I haven’t really found player related software worth mentioning other than the obvious character builder, nevertheless I’m quite sure there ought to be some really interesting/impressive ones around the internet, so if you know of some, be nice and drop by our Contact page and give me the heads up so i can include it here :) .

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