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Here i present to you a list of other great sites/blogs dedicated to D&D that i follow frequently, ill try to update this list often as soon as i find more quality content sites out there:


D&D Official Website: if you want to keep tabs on D&D news, upcoming releases and free goodies content here is your first stop, works best with a DDI subscription ;)

Critical Hits: Excellent blog about D&D and general gaming, composed of great columnists, a MUST for every D&D fan on the intewebz

Musings of the Chatty DM: What does the mind of a DM of over 25 years of experience got to say about D&D and role playing? find out here.

Sly Flourish: Amazing resources for DMs out there, when you drop by, make sure to follow their Twitter account, making better DMs 140 character at a time.

Mike’s D&D Blog: Comprehensive tips and anecdotes about DMing and General gamming, drop by and discuss/comment your owns.

Sarah Drakmagic: Another great DM blog, fresh DMing content from a Fresh DM, here you’ll find lost of valuable resources like the Downloadable Delve Section

Newbie DM: Downloads, resources, tips, reviews, gamming advice… you name it, Newbie DM has it.

RPG Musings: Thoughts, ideas, inspirations and innovation for RPGs… also several great contributors, DM Samuel knows his fluff.

Stuffer Shack: Amazing blog, great post and columnists, tool, tips and the MUST visit “Steal This” section.

Other Great D&D blogs i read:

The Angry DM

Kobold Quarterly

Save Versus Death



Podcast are an amazing tool for any D&D gamer, whether you are a DM or a player there a lots of Great content out there:

Penny Arcade/PvP Series: Some might consider listening to people play boring, i say this is one of the reasons i love 4th Edition so much, if you have a chance, listen to them and i promise you will have a great time doing so ^^

Radio Free Hommlet: One of my favorite podcast ever, its fun and full of really great, useful content, in depth reviews of D&D related subjects, tactics and news.

Dungeons Masters Guys: What happens when you make a podcast with 3 awesome DMs? ask Chatty DM, Newbie DM and Dave the Game here.

The NewbieDM Minicast: Need a quick D&D fix? this podcast is perfect for you, lots of great content in just a few minutes of audio, there is really no excuse to let this excellent podcast go by.

Critical Hit Podcast: If you are a DM this podcast is packed with priceless information.

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