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January 26, 2011 / JBencomo

The Abyssal Plague: The Return of (SaveEnds) Blog

Hello everyone, this short post is to announce 2 great thing, (SaveEnds) blog is back on line, after a really short lived time (you just don’t get to decide when your laptop is going to blow up ^^) I`m resuming my regular (and originally intended) blogging, now with more experience about DMing and looking to expand to other great RPG games (Don’t be surprised if a Dragon Age subsection appears in the near future)

Anyhow, my focus is, and will be for the long time to come D&D 4th edition, and I decided to come back with a little subsection about what has captured my attention recently, I’m a sucker for hype, and the guys at WoTC got totally me with The Abyssal plague, so i compiled  all the information i could gather right before the DDXP where I’m sure more will be revealed, the Abyssal Plague section will be updated frequently, hopefully in the few days to come, so go check it out :)



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