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So what’s (Save Ends) about?

Picture this for a sec, you just arrived home after a really long day, crashing into the couch… Do you usually think “wow, I really wish I could slay a dragon right now” …. No? It might just be me then. However, we all get the need of distractions from time to time, take our minds to places that break the routine and (perhaps) throw in some entertainment while at it.

That’s exactly what role playing is about to me; to have the possibility to create these amazingly fun fantasy experiences we would not otherwise be able to enjoy (without the occasional limb loss) and, I believe in this aspect, Dungeons & Dragons parents all kinds of role playing games.

My goal is then, to create and provide interesting quality content regarding mostly D&D 4th Edition and do so in a way that be useful and entertaining for you and of course, having fun while I do it.

I focus my topics on the current 4th Edition D&D world for both, players and DMs but I plan to also reminiscence upon the previous iterations and talk about the Role playing/gamer worlds occasionally.

Why D&D?

I personally believe that Dungeons and Dragons has this special quality of detailing, improving and expanding the role playing world by constantly creating new content that’s actually useful not only to create a D&D campaigns but also to create a narrative fantasy history even if it’s not rpg oriented; so most of my perspective comes from the fact that I’m not writing just D&D stuff but role playing theme in general.

I hope you stick around a while and enjoy the ride as much as I do

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About DM Baloo

Hi, my name Is John, I started playing rpg games about 4 years ago although I’ve being playing rpg video games and reading fantasy books my whole life. I’ve wanted to DM for a while now but I just got around to recently and I have to say I enjoy it as much or more than just playing.

I instantly fell in love for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons so that’s what’s occupying most of my play time recently with 2 ongoing campaigns (one as a player and other as a DM). I also enjoy other Role playing games like Mutant and masterminds, Vampire: The Masquerade and im looking forward to upcoming releases like Gamma World.

I also like almost all kinds of books, wide range on music, geek culture, videogames and Action/SciFi/Suspense movies.

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